DAB NOVABOX 30/300.1 M

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Automatic lifting stations NOVABOX
Product Specifications
Model Number503110304

Automatic stations for collecting and lifting domestic waste water from bath tubs, wash basins, showers and washing machines located in basements or below the level of the sewage network.

Equipped with a NOVA 300 electropump with 5 metres of power cable and plug mounted on a technopolymer plate, a 30-litre container in technopolymer and a check valve on delivery. Supplied with pump already assembled, ready to use Operating range: from 1 to 7,2 m3/h with head up to 6.9 metres Liquid temperature range: +50°C +90°C for a max. time of 3 min. Pumped liquid: waste water free from solids and/or fibres Pump motor protection level: IP 68 Motor insulation class:

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