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Product Ranges

Automatic lifting units, particulary suitable for domestic use, small systems for civil, agricultural and industrial use, washing systems and hobby applications.

They are characterised by the use of: - self-priming motor-driven pumps JET, JETINOX, JETCOM, EUROINOX that can even work when there are bubbles of air or gas. They are essential for drawing from artesian wells or wherever suction difficulties arise.

The EURO - EUROCOM multistage centrifugal pumps are particularly appropriate for low-noise underwater operation.

The ACTIVE system helps increase pressure in systems where it is insufficient or irregular.

The ACTIVE system is a built-in, easy-to-install, and ready-to-use device which: - controls it - commands it automatically - controls its operation - limits starts - guarantees pressure stability inside the hydraulic circuit. - electronically controls starting pressure.

FUNCTIONING: The ACTIVE system is a dual-control device featuring an electronic circuit which picks up and processes water pressure and flow data, thereby allowing the pump to work in constantly ideal conditions. Even with a minimum water draw by a user, it starts the pump after system pressure has dropped to the set value, adjustable by the user (1.5 to 2.5 bar). In the event of system leaks, dripping, overflows or small water draws, the ACTIVE system limits the number of pump starts. Hammering is eliminated: when water is no longer being taken the motor-driven pump is stopped (delayed) when the flow rate is nil. If no water is being sucked up the ACTIVE system will trigger stopping the pump from running dry. On returned normal functioning conditions, ACTIVE automatically restores operation.

The ACTIVE system requires no adjustment or maintenance.

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