DAB CM-G 100-660/A/BAQE/1,5-IE3

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In line pumps CM, CM-G / DCM, DCM-G. In-line port circulation pumps, suitable for heating, air conditioning, refrigeration and sanitary water systems. Available in the single and twin versions.
Product Specifications
Model Number1D6211G5W
Pumped Liquidclean, free of solids and abrasives, non-viscous, nonaggressive, non-crystallised and chemically neutral, with properties similar to water. Maximum, glycol content 30 % (for other glycol percentages contact Technical Support).
Working PressurePN10: for DN 40 - DN 50. PN16: Remainder of the range.
Insulation ClassF
Pumped Liquid Temp Rangefrom -10 °C to +130 °C for DN 40 - DN 50. from -10 °C to +140 °C for the remainder of the range.
Operating rangefrom 1,2 to 420 m3/h with head of up to 41 metres.
Warranty2 YEARS

Circulating pumps with in-line connections, suitable for civil and industrial installations for heating, air-conditioning and hot water for domestic use.

Pump body and motor support in cast iron. PN 16 flanged suction and delivery connections with threaded holes for control pressure gauges. Technopolymer impeller and carbon/ceramic mechanical seal. Three-phase, four-pole, asynchronous motor with external ventilation. To protect the motor. it is advisable to use a thermal overload protection complying with the regulations in force. Operating range: from 3,6 to 420 m3/h with head up to 102 metres. Liquid temperature range: from -10°C to +140°C. Pumped liquid characteristics: clean, free from solids or abrasive substances, not viscous, not aggressive, not crystallised and chemically neutral.

Maximum ambient temperature: +40°C Maximum working pressure: 16 bar (1600 kPa). Protection level: IP 55 Insulation class: F PN 16 counter flanges on request.

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