DAB EVOSTA3 60/180 (1")

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Low energy consumption electronic pump for water circulation in all types of domestic heating and cooling systems

Product Specifications
Model Number60185506


ADVANTAGES The new range of EVOSTA 3 circulators by DAB combines the strength of an mechanical circulator with the benefits of the electronic circulator. Thanks to the permanent magnet synchronous motor, the frequency converter and the energy efficiency of EEI ≤ 0.19, as well as the protection class IPX5 and the integrated bleeding plug, the EVOSTA 3 family ranks as one of the best products in the category in terms of performance and reliability. The range of EVOSTA 3 circulators is the perfect replacement for old three-speed circulators due to its compact size and all-round performance. The product is also extremely user-friendly, with a single button for sequential setting and direct access to the motor shaft for unlocking it when necessary. EVOSTA 3 version has a display t showing the instantaneous flow rate, the instantaneous head and the instantaneous power consumption in Watts. EVOSTA 3 version also offers the new function of automatic degassing. CONSTRUCTION FEATURES Cast iron pump body with cataphoresis paint coating and wet rotor motor. Steel motor casing, technopolymer impeller. Ceramic motor shaft on ceramic bushings lubricated by the pumped liquid. Stainless steel rotor liner, stator liner and closing flange. Graphite thrust ring. EPDM seal ring and brass bleeding plug. Thanks to the internal protection of the motor, the pump does not require any overload protection. CONTROL PANEL The settings of the EVOSTA 2, EVOSTA 3 circulators can be modified in the control panel on the facia of the pump device. The pumps have nine settings that can be selected scrolling the MODE button. Three LED lights on the facia show the current setting. EVOSTA 3 circulator has a display showing the following data: - Head of the selected curve - Instantaneous power consumption in Watts. - Instantaneous head in m - Instantaneous flow rate in m3 /h

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