Lowara HYDROQUENCH 3000 22SV10F110T

Code: 123267
  • £6,190.80
  • RRP £8,844.00


Product Ranges


Delivery: up to 14.00 m3/h. Power supply: both single-phase and three phase 50 Hz. Power: from 0.55 up to 4.00 kW. Max operating pressure: 6.0 bar.


Pump: Stainless steel


The pump set will now continuously run until pressure has been restored to the duty stop point and the flow switch has registered that no flow is taking place. When both criteria have been met the stop button will become operative. Under these conditions the stop button can be operated to stop the pump set. The pump set is designed to maintain pressure to various sprinkler heads, if a sprinkler head is activated the pressure in the system will start to fall, a pressure switch within the system will monitor this fall in pressure and start the pump set. The pump will deliver the required pressure and flow to satisfy the system demand. When a sprinkler head is activated and the pump set has started a flow switch within the system will monitor flow through the system.

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