Calpeda Idromat 5-15

Code: 107036
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Product Ranges

Electronic regulator for pumps

Construction: Regulation device for pump control equipped with flow and pressure sensor connected to an electronic system. Inlet and delivery connection ports of the same diameter (G1). Built-in check valve. Pressure gauge 0-10 bar supplied as standard for all the models. Automatic reset function in IDROMAT for the reset of the system without manual operation.

Applications: Automatic control of pumps for water supply and increase of network pressure. Control of starting/stopping of the pump when cocks are opened/closed. For protection of the pump: –against dry running; –against the risk of operation without water at the inlet (caused by a lack of water inflow in the inlet pipe under positive suction head, by a non-immersed suction pipe, by excessive suctionlift or by air entering the suction pipe); –against operation with closed connection ports.

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