From Industrial & Commercial Pumps to Domestic use pumps, you will find them here at Pumps and Gearboxes Direct.

Pumps and Gearboxes have been working with the TOP PUMP SUPPLIERS for over 20 years enabling us to give Quality products and service.



Pumps and Gearboxes (P&G) are a Pump distributor based in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, UK. We specialise in distributing pumps through out the UK and overseas with high quality support from our technical team who can help you get the right pump for the job.

From domestic to commercial use pumps in a variety of sectors, we work closely with our suppliers and have a technical team on hand to help with any of your queries. Our team regularly attend training from our suppliers to ensure we can give the best service possible.

Some of the industries we work with are…

Water and Wastewater - Building Services - Chemical and Pharmaceutical - Oil and Gas - Paper Print and Packaging - Food and Beverage - Facilities Management.

The types of pumps will include centrifugal pumps, Borehole pumps, Circulator pumps, water booster pumps, Submersible pumps, Pressurisation units, magnetic drive pumps, self-priming pumps, Sewage pumps and many more.

Some of the domestic uses for pumps we specialise in would be water pumps and wastewater pumps that are used in the home for garden irrigation, swimming pools, cellars, etc...

Distributing products from manufacturers such as DAB Wilden Ebara Calpeda Versa-matic | Lowara and Pedrollo.

Pumps & Gearboxes Limited is an ISO9001 accredited company and proud members of MAKE UK, AEMT & BPMA.